I Hit More Trees Than A Blind Tarzan

baby you saved me , since day one of having you in my life my lifes gotten a lot better. i’m a depressing negative person i know im alot to deal with baby , thats how im sure you love me because you deal with my bullshit no matter how much i annoy or irritate you you always eventually calm down and apologize. i dont think i’ve ever opened up to someone so much  and i definitely dont think i have ever gotten so close to someone or let someone be my life . but something about you pulled me in , since the day i saw you i thought you were so cool but i thought id never have a chance honestly i guess i was lucky i was just a stupid freshmen and you were a senior and i was lucky enough to somehow catch your eye. once we started hanging out i was so sure i liked you i liked you alot since the first day we hungout. hangingout with you only made my thoughts revolve around you all id do is think like hmm when will i see him again does he like me ? does he want to date me? when can he be mine? then we started sitting together at lunch and then we ditched together for the first time :) then it got to a point where you were always at my house whether you are hanging out with me or you were hanging out with my brother you lived here for damn near half our relationship , you always helped me and you even defended me when it came to my dad fighting with me when things went wrong i left And i stayed with you for a long time yes we broke up for a while because you got annoyed by me and irritated and im clumsy and break and spill things. but you eventually got over it and took me back but through the time of us not being together i was horrible . i couldnt sleep , i couldnt eat , i couldnt goto school i didnt even have the motivation to leave my bed unless it was to smoke with my brother or my dad was screaming at me or something but i felt like i couldnt do anything without you , you’re my reason for motivation , because youre the only one who shows me any type of affection the only one who pushed me to do better and oh boy i love you for it , since day one you’ve tried to help me to the best of your ability , thank you my love thank you


That literally just described how I feel

omg this yes this is perfect

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